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    Getting ready to do a whole-house cleaning, or even just one room you've been putting off, can feel like a daunting task. But, there's a clear antidote to this chore procrastination: building an arsenal of the best cleaning supplies for the job.


    Just as you wouldn't take on a home improvement project without first heading to the hardware store for the necessary supplies, it's possible you're avoiding cleaning challenges because you just don't have the right products. Consider this your shopping to-do list, and room-by-room guide, to tackle even the messiest or most dreaded cleaning projects.


    A Clutter-Free Kitchen

    Often the heart of the home, where kids do homework and friends gather for a drink while you prepare a meal, the kitchen can feel like a room that never stays clean. Take inventory of your current problem areas. Is it the floor with crunched-up cereal in the corners? A sink that won't stay shiny? Or, maybe your backsplash permanently looks like it was just spaghetti night. Then, match the best cleaning supplies to those problems.


    You're truly missing out if you haven't leveled up from a traditional dish soap bottle to a spray. Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray Soap is a must-have for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces in your kitchen (and beyond). Use this multi-purpose spray on dishes, the sink itself, countertops, tough spots on the floor and stains on kitchen towels before they head for the washer. Pair the spray with the Libman Kitchen Brush for a powerhouse duo that can tackle any hard-to-reach surface.


    Tip: If you have a stainless steel sink, scrub it with a coffee filter for a shiny finish. And of course, ensure the drain is clear of old, yucky food with a maximum-strength drain cleaner. A bit of lemon mixed with running water can make your kitchen smell amazing after a deep clean.


    A Germ-Free Bathroom

    Your whole-house cleaning won't feel complete until the bathroom is sanitized and smelling fresh. Focus on high-use areas like doorknobs, sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers, along with the floor. Though the brand Clorox may make you think of bleach, their disinfecting cleaner is actually bleach-free, and a solid all-purpose cleaner you can use on all of your bathroom surfaces. If you prefer a more continuous spray, Lysol Foaming Bath Cleaner can tackle sinks, showers, tubs and tiles, and toilets.


    Most bathroom floors can be sanitized by spraying Lysol, or another floor cleaner, and using a Swiffer-style mop (unless you have deep crevices between tiles that need additional attention). Luckily, that Swiffer/Lysol combo works on other non-carpeted surfaces around your home, from that kitchen floor after vacuuming, to hallways and mud rooms. Don't forget to spray the door knobs, especially in seasons with higher sickness rates, and wipe down with a clean cloth.


    Deep Cleaning the Most Commonly Missed Spots

    You might need to do a refreshing deep clean just a few times per year, or much more often depending on dirt buildup. Deep cleaning simply involves tackling all the nooks and crannies you normally skip over in a maintenance clean. Start by removing linens that don't ever see the inside of a washer, such as curtains, small rugs and chair covers. A chlorine-free stain remover is a must for this step, especially if there are stains or marks you want to remove.


    Then, it's time to dust. Your grandmother might have taught you the most economical way to dust (you can really dust most surfaces with a clean, damp cloth). But, if you want a bit of a fancier option, a microfiber duster can help you reach more difficult places, from bookshelf backs to around your air vent return. To keep surfaces cleaner longer, try a simple dust repelling spray by combining water, vinegar, olive oil, and a drop or two of dish soap and use it in place of your regular surface cleaner!


    Floors You Can Eat On

    Unless you're a toddler, you probably don't want to eat off the floor. But, you could after a deep clean with just the right household cleaning supplies for your type of flooring.


    First, use your broom and dustpan, or a robot vacuum, to remove as much debris as possible. Then, opt for a Chamois style mop or traditional mop, which is best for reaching the grout between tiles. You simply need a bucket, mop, and some hot and soapy water to get to work. Specific wood floor cleaners are safer for your flooring, especially if you have old wood floors. But, in a pinch, you can also use unscented dish soap. And if you have particularly tough grout stains, try a bit of baking soda and vinegar.


    A Note on Repurposing the Best Cleaning Supplies

    To be more budget- and space-friendly, choose the best cleaning supplies from the list above that you know will work in multiple places. If you had to pare it down to three must-haves, opt for an all-purpose cleaner, a strong brush and a mop. You don't need to spend a whole paycheck to prepare for a whole-house cleaning. Instead, you need a plan, a few must-have items and a bit of motivation (loud music helps).


    Written by: Alexandra Frost