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    3 Rite Aid Stores in Cleveland, Ohio

    10090 Chester Ave Cleveland, OH 44106 US
    Local Phone:
    (216) 721-2020(216) 721-2020
    3402 Clark Avenue Cleveland, OH 44109 US
    Local Phone:
    (216) 961-9414(216) 961-9414
    6512 Franklin Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44102 US
    Local Phone:
    (216) 281-6100(216) 281-6100

    Rite Aid Pharmacies in Cleveland, OH

    Cleveland Rite Aid stores go beyond being mere prescription drug dispensaries. They play a vital role in the community, striving to improve the health and well-being of Clevelanders. The dedicated staff working at these locations provide a wide range of products, services, and expert advice to meet the everyday health needs of customers.


    Rite Aid’s mission as a pharmacy is to consistently understand and exceed customer expectations by guaranteeing that the prices are competitive and affordable. This ensures customers can confidently choose Rite Aid to meet their unique healthcare requirements.


    From essential medications to wellness products and personalized advice, when you visit a Rite Aid pharmacy, you’ll find the products, services, and guidance you need to lead a healthier life.


    Comprehensive Healthcare Services

    Rite Aid offers a broad spectrum of comprehensive healthcare services designed to cater to the health needs of individuals and families in Cleveland. These services promote better health outcomes, ease of access to care, and a personalized healthcare experience.


    Prescription refills and over-the-counter medications: The core of Rite Aid’s offerings lies in its comprehensive pharmaceutical services. Providing prescription and over-the-counter medications, Rite Aid ensures that Cleveland’s residents can access the medicines they need. With a professional team of pharmacists ready to assist, you can count on knowledgeable advice and guidance.


    Immunizations and wellness checks: Rite Aid Cleveland offers immunizations and wellness checks to prioritize preventive care and promote overall health. Whether staying up-to-date with vaccinations or undergoing routine check-ups, individuals can rely on Rite Aid’s qualified staff to provide expert guidance and administer necessary immunizations. Regular wellness checks at our Higi kiosks help individuals monitor their health status and identify potential issues early on, contributing to their overall well-being.


    Vitamins and supplements: Rite Aid Cleveland offers a wide variety of vitamins and supplements from trusted brands to meet the needs of Clevelanders. From well-known brands like Nature Made, Centrum, and Garden of Life to specialty brands such as New Chapter, customers can find high-quality supplements to support their well-being.


    Rite Aid’s selection includes a range of vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies, and other dietary supplements carefully chosen to address specific health goals like immune support, energy enhancement, and overall wellness.


    Specialty pharmacy services: Rite Aid’s specialty pharmacy services provide personalized care for patients with complex or chronic conditions. These services help manage rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, and more.


    Home healthcare: Rite Aid caters to customers needing home healthcare solutions, offering products such as support braces, mobility aids, and first aid supplies.


    Convenient Locations Across the City

    Rite Aid has established five convenient locations across Cleveland, Ohio, to meet the needs of residents. Use our store locator to find a Rite Aid closest to you to explore a huge range of health, wellness, beauty, and home care products.


    Rite Aid’s presence in Cleveland neighborhoods enables them to tailor their offerings accordingly. In University Circle, known for its educational institutions, Rite Aid provides special discounts for students, and in Ohio City, renowned for its booming culinary scene, they offer an array of healthy food and drink options.


    Tourists visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland Museum of Art, or catching a Cavaliers game at Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse will find Rite Aid locations nearby. They stock a range of travel essentials and offer quick health solutions, making Rite Aid a convenient stop for visitors.


    The Rite Aid in Cleveland’s West Park neighborhood, surrounded by local shops and eateries, is often frequented by families, young professionals, and older adults residing in the area. Customers can find everyday essentials, household items, personal care products, and general wellness supplies.


    Harnessing Technology for Healthcare

    Rite Aid meets high expectations by offering online services in a city home to the tech-forward Cleveland Clinic. Customers can manage their prescriptions, set up automatic refills, and track their medication history using the Rite Aid app or online portal, facilitating easy, on-the-go health management.


    Embracing Cleveland’s Diversity

    Rite Aid understands Cleveland’s multicultural population and provides multilingual services, ensuring all Clevelanders receive the help they need. They also cater to the city’s aging population by providing easy-to-read prescription labels and senior-friendly products.


    Supporting Local Communities

    Rite Aid is actively supporting local communities in Cleveland through various initiatives. One area of focus is fighting food insecurity which affects nearly 14 percent of Cuyahoga County. Rite Aid’s Healthy Futures program empowers children in neighborhoods like Fairfax and Hough by providing equal access to food, education, and healthcare.


    Additionally, Rite Aid participates in the Annual Rite Aid Foundation Charity Golf Classic, helping raise over $1.5 million at one event for local causes. Through the KidCents Thanks For Giving Holiday program, Rite Aid’s foundation granted $5,000 in 2018 to Cleveland Sight Center to purchase special flexible frame glasses for children with low vision, supporting their wellbeing and development.


    Rite Aid Rewards: Making Healthcare Affordable

    Rite Aid’s Rewards program offers significant benefits, such as earning points for every dollar spent and exclusive discounts. This makes healthcare more affordable and rewards Clevelanders for prioritizing their health.


    Cleveland Rite Aid Pharmacy FAQs:


    Do Rite Aid pharmacies offer private consultations with pharmacists?

    Yes, most Rite Aid pharmacies offer private consultations with pharmacists. These consultations are an opportunity to discuss medication regimens, potential drug interactions, and any other health-related concerns you might have.


    Does Rite Aid provide pet medications?

    Yes, many Rite Aid locations carry a selection of pet medications and health products. Call your local store to verify their current offerings.


    Does Rite Aid have a medication disposal program?

    Yes, Rite Aid participates in a medication disposal program at select locations. This program allows for the safe disposal of unused or expired medications, preventing them from causing harm to the environment or falling into the wrong hands. You can check the availability of this service at your local Rite Aid in Cleveland.